White Winter Plaid Scarf

SKU: IB089

Are winter scarves for warmth or for style? In our opinion, they are more about style - with an added bonus of a built in blanket! Let’s be honest though, they can totally make an outfit! If you feel like your winter sweater or puffer jacket is too plain, it’s nothing a cute scarf can’t fix!

Scarf features:

  • Printed black and white woven pattern, frayed edge, super cozy!

Meet our Model Sarah:
Height - 5’8"
Bust - 32"
Waist - 25"
Hips - 34"

Sarah Is Neuro ICU nurse in Kansas City. She is inspired by her family and friends whom she surrounds herself with. “All of them are so uplifting, driven, dedicated, and passionate about what they do, that inspires me to want to be more like them!”