Style Box - Shoes & Accessories

$30.00 Regular price $125.00

What's new?
Our style boxes are back & themed! We had so much fun sending out your style boxes last month & we want more people to have the opportunity to order! To get the boxes out even faster, we changed it up this month. Instead of sending out a survey, you will just select your size on your site when you order. Once you place your order, we will send you a box of goodies in the size you selected!

How does it work?
Purchase your style box on our site - we will ship your items within 3-5 business days!

What is included?
This is our shoes & Accessories box! Every box includes:
-Two Pairs of Shoes
-Two bonus accessories
-$125+ total retail value 

*First come first serve. Please note, because of the value of the box we cannot accept any returns or exchanges for any reason. All sales final. These boxes are pre-made and we will not be going through previous orders.