About Us

In 2018 when I decided to finally pursue my dream of opening a boutique, I sat in my apartment brainstorming name ideas. I was getting nowhere, so I decided to change my way of thinking - instead of “what should I call my boutique?” I started thinking, “why do I want to open a boutique?”

The answer was obvious, I wanted people to feel inspired by the clothing they wear from my boutique. The more I thought about that word, “inspired,” the more it resonated with me.

The most humbling compliment I receive is when someone says that I inspire them. I’ll never forget those moments because I know what being inspired feels like. Whether it’s watching my parents start from nothing and build the life of their dreams, or a funny girl I follow on Instagram who has the cutest clothes, or even a Pinterest quote that I found and set up as my background. I am a person that watches the world around me and constantly feels inspired. We all need those little moments to move forward.

I want my boutique to be a place where people go to feel inspired. Whether it’s finding an outfit for an upcoming event, a new job, the first day of school, or simply getting out of bed in the morning. A cute outfit is a powerful thing. That’s why I wanted to start this boutique in the first place. To inspire.

Lauren Lindmark
Founder, CEO